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Mountain Skyver

Experience the adrenaline rush from the rapid descent from the slopes of the Transylvanian Mountains on Mountain Skyver (something between a bike and a scooter).
This is a unique experience for a mountain skyver to go through, or rather a hike, to climb mountains so you can skip the long descent and descent.
Safety is ensured by two disc brakes. The weight of the structure slightly exceeds 8.5 kg. At any time you can fold the Mountain skyver into a light backpack and carry it to any place.
A convenient type of mountain bike is an excellent extreme adventure for family vacation or team building.

Number of people: from 5 people

Age of participants: everyone who can use the bike.

Program time: minimum 1.5 hours.

Location: the mountains in the vicinity of Baile Tusnad.

Start: next to the Eco-boutique hotel “Fortuna” or from the place designated by “Adventure Expert”

Safety: all participants must undergo a briefing, a specialist is present when descending, helmets are issued to participants.

Cost: 200 RON per person. The price includes delivery to the top point on Polaris Ranger off-road cars (without delivery, the tour price is 69 lei / person) and descent from the mountain two times.

Additional Information:
- The program is available in the autumn, summer and spring (when there is no snow).

Find out more or book your best adventure right now:
Tel.: 0786546333

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