Tours of cross-country skiing, sledding and tubing

Cross-country skiing is the most popular winter sport. Go on a ski trip to the mountains in the vicinity of Baile Tusnad and enjoy this winter Transylvania.
Cross-country skiing tours usually take place in the mountains. As a result, the load fluctuates, one can observe an increase in the heart rate at the top and a relative attenuation of the slopes during the slopes.
“Adventure Expert” has a set of cross-country skiing and snowshoes of various sizes. The level of snow you can walk in depends on your weight and environmental conditions on the day of the program.
You can also rent from us a sled and tubing for skiing from the mountain (next to the Eco-boutique hotel Fortuna we have a special track for skiing).

Age of participants: everyone who can walk.

Location: neighborhood of Baile Tusnad.

Start: next to the Eco-boutique hotel “Fortuna”.

- cross-country skiing - 50 Ron / per day;
- racket - 39 Ron / per day;
- sled 25 Ron / per day;
- tubing 69 Ron / per day;
- Skis;
- snowboards.

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