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Mountain bike and downhill biketours

🚴‍♂️ Embark on a Bike Tour with Adventure Expert! Discover the breathtaking natural beauty of Romania with the spectacular panorama of the Transylvanian Mountains!

On weekends, holidays, or at corporate events (such as team building), we recommend choosing mountain bike tours.


Depending on your physical fitness and expectations, you can decide which route to take. You can opt for an extreme tour or an easier one to enjoy the fields and forests around Baile Tusnad. In any case, you'll encounter many wild animals, birds, and beautiful landscapes.

💸 Cost: Adults - 60 Ron/person/day; Children - 45 Ron/person/day (helmet available upon request).

📅 Additional Information:

  • The program is available in spring, summer, and autumn (when there is no snow).

  • This tour is eco-friendly and does not cause harm to nature.

🔍 Learn more :

📞 Tel.: 0786546333

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