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Ranger Tours

Welcome to the Adventure Expert website, where Ranger Tours promise you exceptional adventures! Explore the beautiful mountains of Transylvania and enjoy the most breathtaking landscapes on fully electric or gasoline-powered Polaris Ranger off-road vehicles and Mitsubishi off-road vehicles in the surroundings of Baile Tusnad.

Join us for an extreme off-road tour that not only unveils the beauty of nature but also provides the opportunity to observe bears and other wildlife.

Adventure Expert has been organizing off-road tours, family programs, and corporate team-building events for over 9 years, ensuring you a unique and thrilling experience. Ranger Tours offer an extreme vehicular adventure while ensuring a safe and enjoyable getaway. Spend a weekend or a complete vacation with us!

🌲Tour Routes:

🚗1. Csomád Route: Departure from the Fortuna Hotel parking lot, with Csomád Hill as the destination. Beautiful views of the surrounding mountains and a bear stop. Price: 150 RON/person, duration: 1-1.5 hours.

🚗2. Szent Anna Lake Tour: Departure from the Fortuna Hotel parking lot, destination: Szent Anna Lake parking lot. Enjoy the beauty of mountains and forests. Price: 200 RON/person, duration: 3 hours.

🚗3. Bálványosi Apor Girls' Bath Tour: Departure from the Fortuna Hotel parking lot, with Apor Girls' Bath as the destination. Beautiful views, mineral springs, and forest paths. Price: 250 RON/person, duration: 3.5 hours.

🪖Safety: 🦸🏼‍♂️Certified guide, pre-tour training, mandatory helmet usage based on route difficulty.

For more information and bookings, please contact us:

📞 Phone: 0787292001

📩 Email:

👀Don't miss out on the greatest adventure of your life! Explore the hidden beauties of Transylvania with us and enjoy the thrilling programs offered by Adventure Expert!

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