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Archery is a very ancient Hungarian tradition. Our tour offers a combination of hunting fake pigs and imaginary enemies with traditional archery.
Professional archers will conduct training for all participants of the tour. This type of holiday can be called an extreme tour, because you find yourself in the wilds of Romania, although you remain safe.
Archery is perfect for family vacation, and for team building and competitions.

Number of people: from 4 people.

Age of participants:

Program time: from 2 hours.

Location: neighborhood of Baile Tusnad.

Start: near the Eco-boutique hotel “Fortuna” or from any other point by agreement.

Safety: all participants must undergo a briefing, the group is accompanied by an instructor; All equipment is safe.

Cost: 49 lei per person. The price includes clothing and instructor support.

Additional Information:
- The program is available year-round.
- This tour is environmentally friendly and does not cause damage to nature.

-If the springs are lost or broken, surcharges must be paid for them.

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