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Be a part of the game in real life with the “Adventure Expert”.
Real life, real situations, real participants and real emotions. But the laser gun does not cause injury (the principle of operation is similar to the remote control of a TV, it is not a laser, it works in the infrared range, it is absolutely safe, even children can play it) can be programmed for environmentally friendly multiplayer types.
Gather a team of 6 people, create your strategy and start playing. This type of holiday is great for families, friendly companies and teams of workers (as a team building).
The game is not associated with age, does not have a harmful effect on the human body, does not require special protective clothing, does not need a protective mask, is absolutely safe.
In a laser war, quick thinking and decision making make a person a good player. At the end of the game, analytics is performed using data recorded on devices.

Number of people: from 6 to 20 people.

Age of participants: from 6 years.

Program time: from 2 to 8 hours

Location: neighborhood of Beile Tusnad.

Start: near the Eco-boutique hotel “Fortuna” or from any other point by agreement.

Safety: all participants are instructed.

Cost: 2-hour program - 39 RON per person.

Additional Information:
- The program is available year-round.

Find out more or book your best adventure right now:

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