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Mountain Cart

🌄 Do you want an extreme adventure in Romania? Then Mountain Cart is the perfect choice! This new and entertaining activity, fueled by adrenaline, allows you to enjoy the nature of Transylvania.

🚵‍♂️ The three-wheeled device provides excellent quality and safe transportation, ideal for families, friends, companies, and team-building events.

🌍 Mountain Cart is a new and unique adventure, not only for Romania but for the whole of Europe.

👥 Participants: 5 people.

🚻 Maximum weight of participants: 120 kg.

🚴‍♂️ Age: 12 years and above (height: 135 cm and above) for those who can ride a bike.

⏰ Duration: 1.5 hours. 📍 Location: Mountains near Tusnádfürdő. 🏞️ 2 descents - 3.5 km.

🚗 Departure: From the "Fortuna" Eco-boutique hotel or a location designated by "Adventure Expert."

🛡️ Safety: All participants must attend a briefing, and a professional is present during the descent. Helmets are provided on-site. 👷‍♂️

💰 Cost: 250 RON/person. The program consists of two descents, and transportation to the location is done with Polaris Ranger or Mitsubishi off-road vehicles. 🚗

Learn more and book your greatest adventure of life:

📞 0787292001

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