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Mountain Cart

Looking for an extreme tour in Romania? Then Mountain cart is what you need. A new and fun kind of recreation allows you to enjoy the nature of Transylvania and get adrenaline all year round whether it is snowing or not.
Three-wheeled сart is a high-quality and safe means of transportation, which is perfect for families, friendly companies and team building programs.
Mountain сart is a new and unique adventure not only for Romania, but also for Europe.
Number of people: from 5 people. Maximum weight of participants up to 120 kg.
Age of participants: from 12 years old (height from 135 cm) to everyone who can use the bike.
Program time: from 1.5 hours.
Location: the mountains in the vicinity of Baile Tusnad. One descent - 3.5 km.
Start: next to the Eco-boutique hotel “Fortuna” or from the place designated by “Adventure Expert”

Safety: all participants must undergo a briefing, a specialist is present when descending, helmets are issued to participants.

Cost: 250 RON per person. The program includes two descents and delivery to the top on the Polaris Ranger or on Mitsubishi SUVs.

Additional Information:
- The program is available year-round.

Find out more or book your best adventure right now:
Tel.: 0786546333

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