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Mountain Sagway 

Discover the beauty of Tusnádfürdő with Adventure Expert, exploring the surrounding lush forests on electric Segways! Easily manageable for anyone, a quick training session is mandatory for everyone before the tour begins. We offer an unforgettable nature-centric experience for families, friend groups, and team-building events.


Choose from multiple routes based on difficulty and experience, and secure your preferred hiking trails and timings in advance through phone or email.

For an optimal experience, the minimum number of participants for a tour is 4 people. We organize three types of tours, each inclusive of a 30-minute preliminary training. Select from 1, 2, or 3-hour programs, all commencing from the Hotel Fortuna parking lot under the guidance of a knowledgeable leader.

✨ "Chilling in the City"

This tour includes a guide and training. Starting from the Hotel Fortuna parking lot, the tour extends to the Apor and Mikes Springs. Explore the city along the way, passing through the center and the old town. Take in the remnants of the city's historic buildings and uncover areas you may not have had the chance to explore before. A brief stop at the springs allows for relaxation and the opportunity to taste the spring water. The tour then returns to the starting point, the hotel's parking lot.

👀Tour Price: 100 RON/person

⏱️Duration: 1.5 hours (30 min training and 60 min sightseeing)

👥Min. Participants: 3 people

👑 "Take My Time" 👑

This tour includes a guide and training. Starting from the Hotel Fortuna parking lot, the tour extends to the banks of the Olt River. Similar to the previous tour, explore the city before diverting from urban roads onto a cobblestone section, offering a taste of the Off-Road experience. Relax by the Olt River before returning to the starting point.

👀Tour Price: 150 RON/person

⏱️Duration: 2 hours (30 min training and 90 min touring)

👥Min. Participants: 3 people

🥾For the Advanced 🥾

Departing from the Hotel Fortuna parking lot, this tour, suitable for advanced participants, may include one or two guides and additional training. The destination is the Sepsibükszád Fishpond in Covasna County. The route encompasses city exploration, crossing the Olt River, and navigating through nature, passing old water dams and a historic stone quarry.

👀Tour Price: To be determined based on specific program details

⏱️Duration: Min. 3.5 hours (30 min training, additional time based on route type)

👥Min. Participants: 5 people

👉🏻Prices vary based on program length and additional services requested. Please inform us of your service preferences in advance so we can tailor the program and price accordingly.

👉🏻Learn more and book your life's greatest adventure now:

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