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Team building

More than just games – professionals for team development!


Besides the programs based on our special sports equipments we recommend for your group an innovative way for team development. For this we have a good collaboration with experienced trainers and we can provide you a special program through which your team members can exit their confort zone and besides the entertainment we can offer you an eficient learning environment.

In this programs we will not use any of our special sports equipment. You will have the opportunity to try the ropes course specially developed for this purpose and to participate in games based on adventure education methodology. The aim of this type of activities is to challenge the participants and the whole group in order to assure a lean learning process for them. Besides the fun and the teamwork each activity is followed by a debriefing session which is facilitated by experienced trainers. If trust, team spirit, communication, conflict management and strategic planning are important for your group then you can relay on us! 

We are sure that we can provide for your team a real and efficient learning experience based on low ropes course elements (1m), high ropes course elements (8-9 m) or even through indoor games and activities.  

The minimum group size for this program is 12 persons, and for each group we provide 2 trainers. 


The price of this service can be calculated only if we know the group size and the desired durration of the programe. Please contact us and let us know how many persons are in your group and how much time can you play with us!

Let’s play!

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