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Tandem paragliding

You do not need professional experience to fly. If you want to see the beauty of Transylvania from a bird's eye view, then you can choose the program “Tandem paragliding” from “Adventure expert”.

Together with a qualified instructor you will rise into the sky and experience incredible adrenaline. At the same time, you will sit on a soft seat and you will not experience discomfort during the flight.

Adventure Expert has three professional tandem sets. Driven by authorized and trained pilots.

Number of people: a group of up to 12 people. The weight of the participant should not exceed 129 kg.

Age of participants: from 6 years.

Program time: 1 hour.

Safety: all participants must undergo a briefing; program in tandem with a professional instructor.

Cost: Call us for more information.

Additional Information:
- There are restrictions on health. Specify the possibility of participation with your doctor.
- Implementation of the program depends on weather conditions.

Find out more or book your best adventure right now:

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