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Participate on an extreme tour of the wild Olt River in Transylvania, near the Baile Tusnad.
Inflatable kayak design facilitates rafting, but at the same time gives a feeling of rafting on a real kayak.
This dynamic sport will give you the opportunity to experience adrenaline, see the beauty of the wild nature, forget about the problems and believe in your strength.
Rafting on kayaks will be suitable both for family rest, and for departure by a group of friends or colleagues. You can book a “Kayaking tour” as a team building or corporate event.

Number of people: from 5 to 40 participants.

Age of participants: participants who can swim.

Program time: 3-4 hours, including instructions.

Itinerary: along the Olt River (17 km). The track is not dangerous. The route starts in the village of Tusnád, right down the Olt river, on the Baile Tusnad and up to Sepsibükszád.

Start: Tusnád village

Safety: all participants must undergo a briefing, participants are given helmets and life jackets.

Cost: from 200 lei per person, provided that the minimum number of groups of 5 people. Protective clothing is included.

The price does not include catering or any other additional costs.

Additional Information:
- The program is available year-round.

Find out more or book your best adventure right now:
Tel.: 0786546333

Kayaking Harghita
Adventure Expert
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